Mechanical Service


Avoid accelerating or decelerating unnecessarily.

Once the engine is running smoothly, begin driving accelerate slowly and smoothly.

Avoid jack-rabbit starts and unnecessary sudden acceleration or braking.

Get into high gear as soon as possible.

Do not rest your foot on the accelerator pedal, for short period stoppages, for example at a signal.

Keep a keen observation on the quantity and quality of fuel.

Keep the bottom of your vehicle free from mud, etc. This not only lessens weight but also helps prevent corrosion.

Keep your vehicle tuned-up and in top shape.

For longer life of all parts and lower operating costs maintain your vehicle on schedule. (please insist on genuine parts during (pre-journey) maintenance service).

Your Safety

Always wear seat belt.

Do not Touch or Open Radiator Cap when Engine is Hot.

Don’t fiddle with your Radio/Audio/Video player while driving.

Always use Suzuki Genuine Parts. Non-Genuine Parts effect fuel-consumption, can be dangerous and cause accident(s).

Always use indicator much before taking a turn.

Keep a proper distance from other vehicles to avoid sudden braking. This will also reduce your brakes from wearing.

Avoid hitting the curb and slow down on rough roads.

Driving is transportation not competition. Want to compete? Find a race track.

Keep your windscreen clean.

Don’t leave your valuable in the car.

Follow the speed limit given on the road signs.

Daily Care

Check gauges and meter operation.

Check lighting system operation.

Check horn and turn signal operation.

Check fuel level in fuel tank.

Check rear view mirror condition

Check number plate condition

Check tire (air pressure, wear and damage)

Check oil leakage under your vehicle

Check radiator water level

Check oil level through oil gauge / Dip stick

Check battery water level

Fuel Efficiency

Avoid long and unnecessary engine idling. If you have a long wait and you are not into traffic, it is better to turn off the engine and start again later.

For better and long lasting usage, keep tire pressure upto acceptable standard Pressure (Recommendation given on the sticker pasted on front RHS pillar / door).

It is better to switch off the engine at stops of over 2 minutes and start again when required.

Drive Slow and steady. The faster you go, the more the wind resistance your vehicle will face.

Do not rest your foot on the clutch or brake pedal. This causes needless wear, overheating and poor fuel economy.

Always drive in the correct gear, Incorrect gear shifting can lead to as much as 20% increase in fuel consumption.

A 25% decrease in tire pressure can cost you 5~10% more on petrol and 25% on tire life.

It has been established by trials that you can get upto 40% extra mileage at 40 Kmph as compared to 80 kmph.

Ensure proper wheel alignment. Improper alignment not only causes faster tire wear but also puts an extra load on the engine, which in turn wastes fuel.

A/C usage increases fuel consumption. Operate the lever on re-circulate position to optimize cooling.

A dirty air cleaner, out of adjustment carburetor, dirty plugs, dirty oil and grease, brakes unadjusted etc. all lower engine performance and contribute to poor fuel economy.


To prolong the life of your vehicle and to reduce the maintenance costs, the periodic maintenance must be carried out at PAK SUZUKI dealer, according to the PERIODIC MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE described in the owner’s manual. To obtain trouble free operation of your vehicle periodic maintenance should be carried out in accordance with the schedule mentioned in this booklet, such periodic services would prevent your vehicle from major breakdowns saving you from unwanted expenses.

Electrical Check Up​

Our Automotive Technicians are qualified to Fix electrical parts or to repair and maintain electrical wiring and components in motor vehicles.

Air Conditioning Services

Whenever you have your car repaired, have the air conditioning checked. On average, your car’s air conditioning needs to be checked after about a year.

Alignment & Balancing​​

An Alignment & Balancing Technician is responsible for the safe operation of aligning all the newly mounted tires and wheels


Pak Suzuki Warranty for its vehicles, repairs or replaces defects in your car or that your car is of a certain quality for a certain period of time.

First Free Service

For New Swift, First free service is due at 1,000 Km or 1 month whichever comes first (Mandatory) First free service is due at 1000 Km or 1.5 months. However, this facility can be availed upto 1500 Km or 3 months whichever comes first (except New Swift). The First Free Service includes items as recommended in maintenance schedule.

Second Free Service

For New Swift, 3,000 Kms or 3 months whichever comes first (Mandatory) Second Free Service is due at 5,000 Km or 3 months. However, this facility can be availed upto 6 Months (not exceeding 5,000 Km) (except New Swift). The Second Free Service includes Free Inspection and Labor free service as recommended in maintenance schedule. The vehicle maintained by Suzuki Authorized Dealers at 1,000 Km is eligible to avail 5,000 Km inspection and Labor Free Service.

















The aerodynamic design with unique lines and curves gives a young and vibrant look. while the headlamps in a bold design instantly grab your attention. The aesthetically designed door panels and irresistible stylish back accentuated the richness of the sharp design as well as give the car a lively appearance.


The all new Alto is a highly efficient performance car that makes your daily outings a pleasant experience. Spacious cabin, Mp5 touch screen, storage accessories ensure complete comfort for you and for your family. All new alto 660 cc is in built with safety features such as seat belts, ABS brakes and airbags making it a perfect choice for new generation.